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English Teachers Exchange Programme Summer 2019
4 groups with a total of 181 teachers came

Group 1 30 PE, Arts, I.T., & Careers Teachers from Deyang, Sichuan
5 days Monday to Friday 8th July – 12th July, 2019

Group 2 50 Teachers from Shaoguan A
7 days Sunday to Saturday 14th July – 20th July, 2019

Group 3 50 Teachers from Shaoguan B 7 days Sunday to Thursday 21th July – 27st July, 2019

Group 4 8 Beichuan High School Teachers (Non-English x 8) 7 days Sunday to Saturday 28th July – 3rd Aug, 2019

Group 4 10 Teachers from Shunde
5 days Sunday to Thursday 28th July – 1st Aug, 2019

Group 4 26 Teachers from Kunming, Yunnan
3 days Tuesday to Thursday 30th July – 1st Aug, 2019

For Group 1 PE, Arts, I.T., & Careers Teachers from Deyang
4 Seminars / workshops have been arranged for them.
身心靈講座 (博士研究生尹小姐 香港大學)
如何提高學習興趣 (資深教育學者譚立恒先生分享)
聖保祿學校的虛擬視覺體驗 (廖黃珮渝老師 聖保祿學校)
升學及輔導講座 (升學及輔導組 香港教育大學)
學生升學及出路 (SCAD薩凡立藝術設計大學)
As Deyang was the school supported by HKJC, the teachers were invited to visit their Museum, and had lunch with their Officials.

For Group 2, 3 & 4 English Teachers
2 tutors from Canada have been invited to arrange seminars & workshops on English teaching.
Ms. Agnes Yun-Lee taught in Summer 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018
Mr. Dennis Lee taught in Summer 2015, 2016 & 2018

This year they tried co-teaching in one big group as most of the teachers said that the class size in China is bigger than Hong Kong, it is about 70 – 90. The teachers could have experienced how to design group activities in their classes. The voluntary teachers were well-supported by teachers of all groups.

Other supporting staff Volunteers: Pius Ching, Alice Cheng, Yvonne Lam (Programme Coordinator), Ivy Li, Mr. Li Kim Wing (photos & video-taking, hospitality & outing), & a few parents from PTA (Helpers in the Peak, TST & Mong Kok Visits)

Cultural visits in Hong Kong Central Library, Bauhinia Square, The Peak, The University of HK, Ocean Park, SCAD, The Education University of Hong Kong, Central District/CBD, Tsim Sha Tsui – Science Museum, Mong Kok

Teachers’ Response Post-Programme Surveys have been carried out and data has been analysed.
All teachers agreed that this programme has been successful in different aspects:
  • Presented very useful information and resources in the Multiple Intelligence & Gradual Release of Responsibility workshop & Active Learning Classroom and Cooperative Learning workshop to their teaching practice.
  • The teaching strategies, the warming up games, different kinds of teaching gams very practical and useful, especially it helps to motivate students learning English.
  • Enable them to experience the global outlook and social culture of Hong Kong.
  • All participants were enjoyed the programme very much and would like to recommend this programme to the others.
  • Some teachers want to have more speaking practice, reading skills, integrated with I.T. in teaching and lesson observation during the programme.

2018年7月3日至28日, 由(SPICE)主辦之2018年夏季交流培訓計劃在聖保祿學校举行, 来自內地三省的教師分五批到我校交流学习。首批來自四川省德陽市香港馬會第五中学的30名政治﹑歷史﹑地理科教師參加了由香港大學和我校举办的人文教师培训課程及價值教學研討會。課余时, 他們参观了香港的著名景点,加深了对本港文化的了解。此外, 在广东省韶關市教育局的安排下,99名英語教師分兩組到我校学习交流; 还有25名來自雲南省昆明市的英语教师以及10名由香港文匯管理學院组织的广东省佛山市的英语教師也参加了本培訓計劃。參加者对本培訓课程均给予了高度的评价,除英语水平有所提高外, 还掌握了更多生動有趣的教學方法。衷心感谢两位加拿大籍义务導師不远千里來港參與此项别具意义的工作。[影片共享]

Sichuan and Guangdong Teachers Professional Development 2017
In the summer of 2017, St. Paul’s Innovation Centre for Exchange (SPICE) served as many as 207 teachers in the professional training. They came in 5 groups, lasting from 7 July to 27 July, 2017. They were from Deyang and Dayi of Sichuan, Shunde, Shaoguan and Foshan of Guangdong, Panlong of Yunnan. More than 70% of participants find that information and resources presented in the Multiple Intelligence & Gradual Release of Resposibility workshop very useful. The team of tutors for the programme was made up of five Canadian teachers from Toronto, Canada. They were supported by staff from St. Paul’s. The professional training inspired participating teachers with new teaching strategies and skills to enlighten their language teaching. To promote better understanding of HK and cultural exchange, after lessons, teachers were also brought to visit university and other cultural aspects of the city. [Video sharing --1--]

Deyang Fifth Middle School Visit
30 teachers from Deyang Fifth Middle School, Sichuan visit St. Paul's Convent School on 3-4 July 2017. Teachers from two schools exchange ideas on Education Reform and Learning & Teaching. It was a memorable tour.

Beichuan Middle School Visit
On 13 March 2017 twenty students and teachers from Beichuan Middle School visit St. Paul's Convent School. 18 students divided in 3 groups touring around school campus, experience Virtual Reality workshop and classroom activity. During lunch time, students shared learning ideas and the visit was enjoyable and fruitful.

Exchange Programme for Teachers from Sichuan and Guangdong 2016
Four groups of mainland teachers attended Exchange Programme organized by SPICE in summer 2016, from 3 to 28 July. HK Jockey Club Deyang No. 5 School in Sichuan, motivated by their groups of English teachers and Chinese teachers who came in past years, would like to let their Maths teachers get a chance for exchange. The 30 teachers were arranged to attend a series of seminars on local Mathematics curriculum as well as on value teaching in HKU and St. Paul’s Convent School. After work, they were brought to experience the cultural aspect of the region. Another supporter was from Shaoguan. Arranged by Shaoguan Education Bureau, 100 English teachers were divided into A and B groups, coming in two consecutive weeks. In addition, we welcomed a new group of 28 English teachers from Shunde. The programme was very smooth and successful as the group of enthusiastic tutors from Canada has been serving in the same programme for the second or third years already. Participating teachers unanimously agreed that they were being brought to try very interactive, interesting and challenging teaching methodology. [Photo sharing]

Motivated with interactive and
challenging teaching methodology


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