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Beichuan High School Distance Classroom Workshop
On 25 March 2012 SPICE director Sr. Margaret Wong with Canadian volunteer teachers went to Beichuan to carry out Sichuan English Teachers Professional Development. At the same time 13 Hong Kong school representatives went to Sichuan from 28 - 31 March conducted Distance Classroom workshops, supported by UNESCO Hong Kong, for 20 Beichuan IT personnel and technicians from 20 local schools in Mianyang. A demonstration session on English teaching in St. Paul’s Convent School on 29 March was streamed over to Beichuan High School. Later, Hong Kong representatives visited Mianyang schools and established online communications with their linked school at their Hong Kong school site. Participants experienced the power of technology in facilitating meaningful exchange among schools.  Sr. Margaret Wong continued the journey to Gansu and visited No. 5 Middle School in Lanzhou and further exchange with school there.


Distant Classroom Workshop
Opening Ceremony
Sichuan English Teachers Professional Development
From 18-29 July, 2011, 91 teachers and 17 students from 48 schools from Mian Yang, Mian Zhu and Dao Jiang Yan and 4 from Tsing Hai as well as 2 from Macau received professional training jointly organized by Canada-China Culture and Education Association and St. Paul’s Innovation Centre for Exchange (SPICE). Another group from 1-12 Aug. 2011, 81 teachers from another 67 schools also attented the Professional Training Programme conducted by the Volunteer Teacher Trainers from the York District Board of Education at SPCS. The Sichuan teahcers benefitted much from their experiences in Hong Kong.  [ Newsletter Vol 3. Sep. 2011 ]

Hong Kong educator sharing with
Sichuan teachers

Visit to Sichuan
16th March to 19th March 2011
On 16th March, St. Paul's Innovation Centre for Exchange director Sr. Margaret Wong and Partners Education Foundation led 24 Hong Kong principals and teacher representatives to Sichuan to learn about the local reconstruction work after the earthquake in 2008. Participants visited Beichuan High School, Yong Chang Junior High School, Zhong Xing Junior High School and BN Vocational School to become familiar with the operation of the schools and student learning situation. During the visit we observed two Canadian volunteer teachers giving a professional training session to local English language teachers. At the same time, Partners Education Foundation awarded grants and scholarships to local students. We met the director and researchers of Mianyang City Board of Education to discuss the progress and long term planning of the English teachers' professional training programme. We also met Mr. Eddie Poon and Ms Joyce Lee, the director and chief executive officer of the Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office in Chengdu Government of the HKSAR, to learn more about the progress of reconstruction work in Sichuan.

Hong Kong principals and teacher
representatives visited Sichuan
to learn about the local
reconstruction work
Visit to Beichuan High School
3rd December to 11th December 2010
Led by St. Paul’s Convent School principal, Sr. Margaret Wong and 5 teachers, a group of F.6 students conducted a one-week (self-financed) volunteer teaching programme in Beichuan High School in Sichuan, China from 3rd to 11th December 2010. The Sichuan students enjoyed the interactive approach adopted by the student-teachers to supplement their English learning. Our English teachers conducted demonstration classes while our ICT teachers set up e-learning platforms for Beichuan High School, Yong Chang Junior High School and Zhong Xing Junior High School. They provided training to the teachers on using e-learning to assist daily teaching and learning. [Video sharing | Newsletter Vol 2. Dec. 2010 ]

F.6 students volunteer teaching
in Beichuan High School
Visit to Zi Yun Primary School
30th June to 4th July 2010
43 teachers and students (self-financed) from St. Paul’s Convent School visited the Han Wang, Beichuan, Mianyang City and other earthquake sites to pay their respects to the victims. They attended a graduation ceremony at Zi Yun Primary School and took part in a meaningful voluntary teaching programme. Our students learned a lot from this visit. [Video Sharing]


SPCS students took part in
voluntary teaching programme
at Zi Yun Primary School


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