Sichuan English Teachers Professional Development Programme


To be an effective supporter towards mainland China’s aspiration for globalization.


To improve the communication efficiency of the people of mainland China through cultural exchanges and professional development, including the enhancement of English teaching in schools.


In 2008, Beichuan in Mianyang city, Sichuan Province was devastated by a deadly earthquake (known as the Wenchuan Earthquake). The earthquake left millions of people homeless and thousands dead. Rescue efforts as well as humanitarian and financial assistance from all over the world poured in. Today, we witness the near completion of the re-building of the infrastructure of this devastated area of Beichuan, with hope and aspirations for a new surge of life.

The Beichuan Zhong Xue (Beichuan High School), ravaged by the earthquake, is being re-built and the new school is now in place  (September 2010). While many people care for the students there and all the donations and materials are mostly directed towards the building of the infrastructure and the livelihood of the students, the teachers are being neglected even though they face similar trauma as the students, for many of them also lost their loved ones.

Being a school administrator and a teacher in a school setting, we realize that besides the building of the infrastructure and the education for the students, professional support to the teachers, who have to simultaneously take care of the students as well as to heal their own memories and wounds, is as important. Under such stressful conditions, we feel that it is by the grace of God that the teachers are able to continue their professional duties, but for how long will they be able to hold up.

Hence, in 2009, we initiated a small pilot scheme to give professional support to the English teachers away from their campus, in our school in Hong Kong, using our own limited resources.

Here’s what we have already done and planned, and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

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