Visit to Sichuan
16th March to 19th March 2011
On 16th March, St. Paul's Innovation Centre for Exchange director Sr. Margaret Wong and Partners Education Foundation led 24 Hong Kong principals and teacher representatives to Sichuan to learn about the local reconstruction work after the earthquake in 2008. Participants visited Beichuan High School, Yong Chang Junior High School, Zhong Xing Junior High School and BN Vocational School to become familiar with the operation of the schools and student learning situation. During the visit we observed two Canadian volunteer teachers giving a professional training session to local English language teachers. At the same time, Partners Education Foundation awarded grants and scholarships to local students. We met the director and researchers of Mianyang City Board of Education to discuss the progress and long term planning of the English teachers' professional training programme. We also met Mr. Eddie Poon and Ms Joyce Lee, the director and chief executive officer of the Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office in Chengdu Government of the HKSAR, to learn more about the progress of reconstruction work in Sichuan.

Hong Kong principals and teacher
representatives visited Sichuan
to learn about the local
reconstruction work
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