Visit to Beichuan High School
3rd December to 11th December 2010
Led by St. Paul’s Convent School principal, Sr. Margaret Wong and 5 teachers, a group of F.6 students conducted a one-week (self-financed) volunteer teaching programme in Beichuan High School in Sichuan, China from 3rd to 11th December 2010. The Sichuan students enjoyed the interactive approach adopted by the student-teachers to supplement their English learning. Our English teachers conducted demonstration classes while our ICT teachers set up e-learning platforms for Beichuan High School, Yong Chang Junior High School and Zhong Xing Junior High School. They provided training to the teachers on using e-learning to assist daily teaching and learning. [Video sharing | Newsletter Vol 2. Dec. 2010 ]

F.6 students volunteer teaching
in Beichuan High School
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