Sichuan English Teachers Professional Development
From 18-29 July, 2011, 91 teachers and 17 students from 48 schools from Mian Yang, Mian Zhu and Dao Jiang Yan and 4 from Tsing Hai as well as 2 from Macau received professional training jointly organized by Canada-China Culture and Education Association and St. Paul’s Innovation Centre for Exchange (SPICE). Another group from 1-12 Aug. 2011, 81 teachers from another 67 schools also attented the Professional Training Programme conducted by the Volunteer Teacher Trainers from the York District Board of Education at SPCS. The Sichuan teahcers benefitted much from their experiences in Hong Kong.  [ Newsletter Vol 3. Sep. 2011 ]

Hong Kong educator sharing with
Sichuan teachers
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