Phase 5 (Sep 2010 & Beyond)

Moving Forward & Making it Sustainable 


·         The mainland government's plan is to enhance the Beichuan High School''s standing from a village school to a central school in the district, while the English curriculum of schools in mainland China would be reformed from September 2010 onwards


·         Our Programme was launched at the most opportune timing, extending instrumental support to the teachers so that they can effectively implement the new English curriculum


·         Our long-term objective is to extend the reach and impact of the Programme beyond Beichuan High School, whose role is to become a centre of excellence for English language teaching and teacher professional development in mainland China


·         Establishing an approximately 1000-square-metre Professional Development Centre for teachers training on the new campus of Beichuan High School with accomodation provided for the trainers


·         Providing an enriching English learning environment for students by setting up English Corners on each floor of the teaching blocks of Beichuan High School


·         Placement of two to three resident-teachers in Beichuan High School to give continuous support to the mainland English teachers to implement the new English curriculum effectively, and to give advice to students on the running of the English Corners


·         Extending professional training to the English teachers of the ten middle schools affiliated to Beichuan High School as feeder-schools


·         Providing professional training to the eight hundred teachers in Mianyang using Beichuan High School Professional Development Centre as the base


·         Sponsoring the outstanding mainland teachers to Hong Kong for further professional training in English language teaching


·         Providing extra support to the village schools English teachers to enhance their capacity in English Language teaching


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