For Group 1 PE, Arts, I.T., & Careers Teachers from Deyang
4 Seminars / workshops have been arranged for them.
身心靈講座 (博士研究生尹小姐 香港大學)
如何提高學習興趣 (資深教育學者譚立恒先生分享)
聖保祿學校的虛擬視覺體驗 (廖黃珮渝老師 聖保祿學校)
升學及輔導講座 (升學及輔導組 香港教育大學)
學生升學及出路 (SCAD薩凡立藝術設計大學)
As Deyang was the school supported by HKJC, the teachers were invited to visit their Museum, and had lunch with their Officials.

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