Teachers & Students Voices

"I really enjoy my time with you. My time here has not been wasted! I know that when you go back to your own school, you will make a difference. I am sure after this course, you will be more outstanding."


Elsielyn Ng, volunteer teacher, York Region District School Board, Summer 2010


"It’s been rewarding to be able to share my knowledge with other professionals. I was particularly impressed and touched by the hard work of the teachers."


- Gloria Fung, volunteer teacher from Canada, Winter 2009


 "We have a great experience with the teachers here. We hope this programme can improve the students’ English skills and help teachers providing better instructions to students."


- John Wood, volunteer teacher from Canada, Winter 2009


"We feel privileged to spend time here in Miyang. It will only be our pleasure if we can introduce these people to the teachers in Canada and let them know what can be done when the situation is not a perfect one, far from the perfect."


 -  Michael Gelman, volunteer teacher from Canada, Winter 2009


"We learnt a lot in this programme. We believe it will have long-lasting impact on our teaching in Mianyang school."

- Yuán Lún Gao, Miányáng Shì Jiàoke Suo, Summer 2010

袁伦高  绵阳市教科所



"I feel very lucky to be part of this teachers training programme. I learnt a lot of teaching theories and strategies. I believe I can put these in my teaching practice. I believe one day the world will feel proud of us!"



- Wáng Sìqing Miányáng Gaoxin Huojù Zhongxué, Summer 2010

王四清 绵阳高新火炬中学


"I learnt to be a good teacher, be a patient, tolerant teacher and be ready to help my students. I treasure every minute in this training programme. It will be a new start in my teaching career and I believe I will become a better teacher in the future."


- Zhang Jiànhuá, Jiangyóu Shì Shuang hé Chuzhong, Summer 2010

张建华 江油市双河初中 



"We''ve benefited from the programme very much. We will use what we''ve learned in our everyday teaching."


- Benny Zhang, Vice Principal, Beichuan High School, Sichuan, Winter 2009

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